Love Real

Most people made a mistake in construing the state of pseudo. They may argue that it would be painless for someone if he/she will take the road of a psuedo relationship.

However, they failed to consider the fact that if pain will play with us, reality shall take place. There would be no more psuedo. Neither the argument of “sabay sa agos ng mundo” nor the condition of “bahala na” shall take the strong probative value in defending one’sfeelings while in the state of confusion.

Now, if such instance shall bring you the proper conclusion, you must consider that
there are things called:

…real wound…

…real hurt…

…real cut…


Albeit, it was only the state of PSEUDO while waiting for the real thing, real thing is within our hands, and we should not wait for it because we just failed to admit the reality.

Being real depends on us…
not because of the state of you and me..
but because of being US…

Let us all remember that in terms of the greatest thing in the whole world,
there is no applicable SURGERY for a broken heart…

We cannot conceal the reality although it just came from psuedo…

pseudo is not really pseudo.. it is really REAL..
we are just not AWARE OF IT… or may be we refused to admit it..

why? there is only one reason:

We are forcing one’s selves to believe these DAMN FEELINGS!


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My job is to love as much as possible every day.

My job is to love as much as possible every day.
Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. :-)